A Guide to Choosing the Right Label

This simple guide is here to help choose the correct label for you. There are so many different types to choose from and the type you need will depend on what you intend to use the label for and the machine you will be printing the labels on.


Depending on which type of printer you are going to be using when printing your labels, it is important that you purchase labels that are compatible with your machine. Laser labels should be used for Laser Printers, Inkjet Labels for Inkjet printers and copier labels photocopiers. If you require an everyday option that can be used on any machine then Multipurpose Labels are also available.


Here is a brief overview of the different types available:

o Address – As the name suggests address labels are the ideal solution when sending out letters and parcels and you are looking for a professional look. Simply print either a single or multiple addresses directly onto the label and peel and attach to your desired package.

o Franking – For use on both manual and automatic franking machines

o Filing – Need to be more organized in the office? Using filing labels you can easily identify files for different department, Filing labels are available for lever arch files, ring binders, box files and suspension files.

o CD & DVD – CD and DVD labels are available which are designed to cover the full face of the disc. These labels give a professional look to your discs and are simple to apply by using specially designed applicators

o Word Processor – Word processor labels have been specially designed for use with word processors

o Mini – Ideal for printing return address labels. Also useful for marking boxes and documents.

o Clear – These labels can be used to provide a transparent look to any labelling you have and can be applied to glass, plastic, metal and polished surfaces. They are also perfect for sealing items.

o Removable – If you need to only temporarily mark a folder or document then removable labels are the ideal solution. These labels can be easily removed and leave no residue behind.

o Heavy Duty – These extra strong labels are much more durable. Resistant to temperature, dirt, oil & splash, heavy duty labels are perfect even for outdoor use.

o Security/Tamper-Proof – When you require extra security on items tamper-proof labels will leave a message behind when peeled off and cannot be reapplied. No Peel security labels are ideal for protecting property as they have a super strong adhesive which cannot be peeled off.

o Coloured – For high visibility coloured labels are the perfect solution and can be found in a variety of colours including red, yellow, blue and green.

o Computer – For use with Dot matrix printers, these labels come in a continuous fanfold

o Continuous – Continuous labels are labels which come in one continuous reel.


For best quality it is recommended you choose between Avery, Dymo AND 5 Star. Avery is considered THE label brand and produces a comprehensive range of labels in all shapes and sizes and for every type of purpose.

If you are on a budget then the 5 Star brand is an excellent option as they offer a good range which are excellent value for money.

Dymo Labels should be considered if you own a Dymo Label Writer/Printer/Maker as these have been specially designed to work in these machines.

There are plenty of other good quality brands out there but in my opinion these are the best.


Labels come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether it is one per sheet or 65 per sheet there is a label out there for you.